25 Saxophone Etudes of Christian Lauba

Born in 1952 in Sfax Tunisia, Christian Lauba studied at the Conservatory De Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud in France where he established an ongoing collaboration with the saxophone studio of French performer and pedagogue Jean-Marie Londeix. His first etudes began as a means for the studio to explore and expand extended, idiomatic techniques for the instrument. The composer writes his etudes with a specific technique or set of techniques in mind and thereafter gives the study a narrative or atmospheric context exemplified through the work's title. He has continued in this tradition, dedicating each successive etude to a specific performer with a specific set of techniques. He is still working today, continuously adding etudes to this body of work, paving the way for the saxophone to emerge with it’s own unique voice. Furthermore, his works have transitioned from mere studies into concert pieces as they are often performed in recital and competition settings. This project serves as a compilation and guidebook for his etudes which also includes a concluding section of his various other works for saxophone.